Useful phrases for talking about money

Like to spend time shopping and eating when traveling abroad?

Me too, even more when things are cheap or free 🙂

In casual English there are many different words that mean money, for example “cash”, “dough” or even “dosh”.   And, yes, these words can vary depending on the country, too.  For example, when talking about amounts of money, dollars are often called “bucks” (US, Australia, NZ etc.) and pounds (England) are often called “quid”.

What about when something is free and we don’t have to pay?  (yes, lucky us!)

Well, it often depends on what it is.   When we don’t have to pay for something, we might  say  it’s “free” or “a freebie” or maybe even a “giveaway”, but in more formal situations words like “complimentary” might be used.  

See below for some common phrases used when things are free.  Hopefully you won’t miss out on free stuff on your next trip and can get the most bang for your buck 🙂

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