Speech Quality & Pronunciation course (live-online)

Looking to improve your English speech delivery? I will be starting a new speech quality and pronunciation course this summer.  See below for more information.

Course name

Speech Quality and Pronunciation 

Course aims 

Build learner ability and confidence in spoken English delivery. Give learners support in improving their delivery quality in areas such as pronunciation of difficult sounds (phonemes), pausing, stress, and intonation.  Speech quality will be addressed at both a word/syllable level and clause/sentence level.

Course outline

This is a live-online speaking course with an extra emphasis on improving pronunciation and phonology. It is most suitable for English language learners who already have basic speaking ability but have to do oral presentations, announcements,  or online meetings for their study or work.  It is also suitable for experienced learners who have particular problems with their pronunciation and phonology.

Learners can expect a high degree of interaction with both the teacher and other learners though small-group and pair-work activities. Learners will also be expected to evaluate and give guided feedback on other learner presentations during the course. Learners will receive detailed individual feedback reports on two 5min presentations during the course.

Feedback report sample

Course details

Learner type/level*:  Intermediate (CEFR B1-B2); young adult/adult learners. All nationalities and learner types welcome.
Lesson length/timing:  50min/week x8 weeks (8 lessons)
Homework tasks:  Around 60min/week
Lesson size:  5-10 learners
Course start:  Sun July 4, 2021 – Sorry, registration for this course has finished 
Lesson timing:  Every Sun 3-3:50pm Japan time (1am EST)
Lesson format:  Real-time (synchronous) online**
Total course price:  USD$80.00 per student (includes course materials)

*All learners take a free 30min one-on-one lesson (& English level-check) before joining the course
**Learners need access to PC or device with a webcam & mic, and a stable internet/WIFI connection to use them.

Course schedule*

   Date/time**  Topic Homework.
 1  Sun July 4, 3-3:50pm

 Course outline & delivery evaluation criteria

Warm-up speaking task. Difficult phonemes.

Prepare and practice 2min talk 1: My hometown. Practice pre-made passage 1.
 2  Sun July 11, 3-3:50pm  Syllable stress. Prepare and practice 2min talk 2: One of my interests. Practice pre-made passage 2.
 3  Sun July 18, 3-3:50pm  Thought groups & focus words Prepare and practice 5min presentation 1: A place I traveled to.
 4  Sun July 25, 3-3:50pm  Presentation 1: A place I traveled to Prepare and practice 2min talk 3: A famous person I’d like to meet. Practice pre-made passage 3.
 5  Sun Aug 1, 3-3:50pm  Thought groups and intonation  Prepare and practice 2min talk 4: What I like about my work (or study). Practice pre-made passage 4.
 6  Sun Aug 15, 3-3:50pm  More difficult phonemes Prepare and practice 5min final presentation: A personal goal.
 7  Sun Aug 22, 3-3:50pm  Final presentation: A personal goal Prepare and practice 2min talk 5: The best way to learn a language. Practice pre-made passage 5.
 8  Sun Aug 29, 3-3:50pm  Review; Feedback; Tips for further self-study N/A

*Lesson content may change due to class/learner needs

**Lesson times are Japan time (1am EST)

Apply here for free 30min (one-on-one) introduction lesson


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