Other customized courses

There are also limited times available for customized online group and one-on-one courses. These can be tailored specifically to the needs or requests of the learner or group. They can also be specialized courses for companies or larger schools/institutions. Examples of courses might be practicing delivery for presentations, building business communication skills, preparing for job interviews in English, improving speech quality (pronunciation/phonology), or preparing for language test (eg. IELTS, TOEFLiBT).

Learner type/level*:  All nationalities and learner types welcome.
Lesson format:  Real-time (synchronous) online*
Lesson length/timing:  50min/week x10 weeks (10 lessons)
Course start: Flexible
Total course cost: Negotiable

*All learners take a free 30min one-on-one lesson (& English level-check) before joining the course
**Learners need access to PC or device with a webcam & mic, and a stable internet/WIFI connection to use them. 

Apply here for free 30min (one-on-one) introduction lesson