Had fun in this week’s Conversation Café class

Hi everyone!

In last Sunday’s online Conversation Café we enjoyed talking about food and eating out. We also had a nice mix of nationalities and backgrounds, with people from Japan, Vietnam, and Dominica (and of course me from New Zealand).

After doing our introductions at the beginning of the class, we separated in smaller groups of 3-4 students (break-out rooms) to discuss today’s topic. It seemed everyone really liked talking about food and eating out! It was also interesting to compare the strange foods eaten in different countries.

Lesson 5: Conversation topics

After 7-8mins we all came back to the main room to talk about today’s conversation skill: using hesitation language. Do you know what hesitation language is? It is a type of language you can use when you’re thinking about what to say next. It’s useful because it gives you more time when you’re speaking. Examples of hesitation language are ‘Let me see….,’ ‘Well….,’ and ‘That’s a good question.’

This week’s lesson points

Later we went back to discussing this week’s topic in our smaller groups (break-out rooms) but with different students.

At the end of the class we all talked together about the interesting things we’d learnt from the other students. We also looked more closely at two of the words from this week’s word list: ‘nutritious’ and ‘eat out.’

Sunday’s class was a lot of fun, and the 40mins went so quickly. Also, thanks very much to our special guest Gary for joining us this week.

Looking forward to next week’s topic: ‘outdoor activities.’ Feel free to come and join us!

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