Using TV sitcoms to build your conversation skills

Do you know what a TV sitcom is?

It is a kind of comedy you watch on TV. Sitcoms are usually on TV every week. Each show tells a different story about the same characters. Most sitcoms are about everyday life and have a small number of characters. So, it’s usually easy to understand the characters and the stories.

Sitcoms also have a lot of conversations. They use a lot of natural phrases and language. So, they are great for learning about English conversation.

Maybe the conversations are fast for you at first. But this will get easier after watching them more.

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These days, you can watch many sitcoms online. You don’t have to wait every week to watch them. There are many kinds of sitcoms. Find one that you like. Maybe you can ask people you know to recommend them. One popular sitcom is Friends. It has many episodes. It also only has four main characters. It talks about interesting things that happen to them in everyday life.

You can also use sitcoms to study conversations more closely. Look at the language they use to start and end conversations. Look at the language they use to show they are listening. Look at the language they use to change topics. Maybe you don’t understand a conversation. Then you can turn on the TV subtitles. You can use the TV pause button. Doing this will help you check the conversation language more carefully. 

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