How do I use a language study log?

Do you know what a language study log is? It’s something you write in each time you study. It helps you remember and review what you studied. You write everything in the same log. You can use a notebook, smartphone, tablet, or PC.

You can use your log for different things. You can write the things you study each time. You can write the things you want to remember. Maybe it’s some new words or phrases you studied. Maybe it’s a grammar point you studied. Maybe it’s the name of a useful website or app you found for your study.

Example of a language study log

You can also write other things in your log. You can write your study plan or goals. You can also write (or make an audio recording of) English summaries of what you studied each time. This can help you practice and recycle the language you learned.

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Importantly, you can use your log for review. Before you start your study each day, try and remember what you studied the last time. Then check your log for that day. This will help you remember what you studied. This will help you review the language you learned.

Extra tip!
  Sometimes review your study log from a week or few months before. Recheck your study plan and goals. Also, do you still remember the things you learned? Use a highlighter to mark anything you forgot. Then review it again later.

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