What does ‘hit on someone’ mean?

Do you know what the phrase ‘hit on someone’ means? It doesn’t mean to physically hit someone. If someone ‘hits on’ you, they have a romantic interest in you. So, they try to communicate with you in a friendly way. Maybe they ask for your phone number or email. Maybe they ask you to go for a coffee or on a date.

You might be ‘hit on’ by the same person more than once. Also, you might not be interested in the person ‘hitting on’ you.

Here are some examples:

Stop hitting on me! You’re a married man!

She offered to buy me a drink – I think she’s hitting on me.

Someone just hit on me while I was standing at the bar.

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The phrases ‘flirt with someone’ and ‘come on to someone’ have the same meaning as ‘hit on’. For example, John is always flirting with the waitress and John is always coming on to the waitress.

So, what can you say if you’re not interested in the person ‘hitting on’ you? It’s a good idea to be polite and not too direct. Maybe you can smile and say Sorry, I have to go now or Sorry, I’m seeing someone (=I already have a boyfriend or girlfriend). If you want to be more direct, maybe you can say Sorry, I’m not interested.

Or, maybe you’re also interested in them. Then you can ‘hit on’ them back 😉

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