What does ‘chill out’ mean?

Have you ever heard the phrase ‘chill out’?

It’s often used in casual conversation. It means to tell someone who’s upset or stressed to relax and clam down.

Here are some examples:

My friend was getting upset about a small mistake, so I said, ‘Just chill out, it’s not a big deal.’

When the passenger got angry with the bus driver, she told him to sit down and chill out.

‘Chill out’ can also mean to spend time relaxing and not working. It might be doing something you like or it might be just resting.

Here are some examples:

After a long week of work, I just want to chill out at home and watch movies.

When Sally wasn’t at school, she liked to chill out with her friends at the park.

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As you can see from the examples above, ‘chill out’ is often used following the word ‘just’. Here ‘just’ means ‘only’ or ‘simply’.

Do you know what the word ‘chill’ in ‘chill out’ means? It is a verb meaning to make something cold. In English, the words ‘cool’ or ‘cold’ are often associated with being relaxed or calm.

So, what do you do to ‘chill out’ when you’re not working?

Extra tip!
  Have you ever heard the phrase ‘as cool as a cucumber’? It means a person who’s very calm and not at all stressed.

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