Breaking Free–A University Diary: Book 5

About the reader

Level 4; Upper beginner; CEFR A2; 800 headwords

Genre(s): Original fiction; Human interest/drama, School Life

Word count: 5,123 (story only)

Target Age: Teen, Young adult, Adult

English Type: British

Protagonist: Female

Xreading: Yes

MReader: Yes

Summary: Ria is a university student in New Zealand. She has a lot of problems in her life but she also has a dream. In book 5, Ria starts her final year at university. She enjoys a beach trip and watching a big rugby game with her friends. But Ria has trouble looking for a designer job. Then, she gets some help from a surprising place. Can she get her dream job? This is book 5 of a 5 book series.

The end of this book also includes a key vocabulary list, key vocabulary quiz, and discussion questions.