Breaking Free: The university diaries – Books 1-5 (special combined edition)

About the reader

Level 4; Upper beginner; CEFR A2; 800 headwords

Genre(s): Original fiction, Human interest/Drama, School Life

Word count: 25,411 (story only)

Target Age: Teen, Young adult, Adult

English Type: British

Protagonist: Female

Xreading: No

Mreader: No

Summary: Ria is a nineteen-year-old university student. She has a lot of problems in her life but she also has a dream. Ria’s first year at university is not going well. She has problems with her courses and her part-time job. But after an accident and a meeting with an international student, her life starts to change in surprising ways. This is the combined (bundled into a singe book) edition of the 5-book series.

This edition also includes the key vocabulary lists, key vocabulary quizzes, and discussion questions for each of the five books.

This combined edition is only available for larger orders. Contact Pomaka below for details/queries.