About Pomaka

Hi, I’m Paul and thank you for visiting my website Pomaka.com.

I made this site to support English foreign language (EFL) learners and educators. The content was created based on my personal experiences in language teaching, language learning, and language research.

While I try to cover a  range of topics,  there is a focus on spoken language, including related vocabulary, phrases, strategies, and pronunciation.  There is also a focus on study tips and strategies for preparing for and taking language  tests (eg. IELTS, TOEIC). 

I also publish language-learning materials and run a limited number of online English courses.

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More about Paul

Paul has over 20 years of experience in foreign language education including teaching a range of courses and learner types.  He has also worked in related fields including curriculum and resource development, language testing, and translation.  Paul is currently working as an associate professor in the English language program at a Japanese national university.  He has an MA in Applied Linguistics(distinction) from the University of Birmingham and the Cambridge CELTA(A).  His research interests include spoken discourse, corpus linguistics, and phraseology.  On a personal level, Paul has extensive experience studying languages, including achieving JLPT level 1 in Japanese. 

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