Pomaka Online English Coaching Courses 2023

1. Conversation Café (small group)  – Sorry, registration for this course is now closed

2. One-on-one private courses NEW

3.  Speech Communication Course (small group)  – Sorry, registration for this course is now closed

4.  Presentation Delivery Course (small group) – Sorry, registration for this course is now closed

5. Speech Quality through Pronunciation and Phonology (small group)  – Sorry, registration for this course is now closed

6.  Other customized courses (one-on-one or group)

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More about Pomaka Online English coaching

Language learning is about building practical communication skills and strategies. 

It’s important to also have expert support, and most effectively, support that is customized to your personal goals and interests.

Your support should not just be about building practical skills in lessons, but also give guidance on the most effective strategies for learning independently outside the classroom.

With these ideas in mind, I started Pomaka English Coaching.

My courses provide customized support to language learners, especially those with specialized goals eg. IELTS test preparation, building business communication skills, preparing research presentations, and English interview test practice.

Courses can also be tailor-made for companies or larger schools/institutions.

The courses are online and real-time so can be taken from the comfort of your own home, work, or school.  All learner levels, types, and nationalities are welcome. 

While the one-on-one (private) courses are usually best for learners with special goals, I also offer a limited number of more general small group courses. See above for list of 2023 courses (click on the link for more information on each course).

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