Presentation Delivery Course

Course aims 

Build learner ability and confidence in delivering English presentations. Give learners support in improving their delivery quality in areas such as rhythm, pausing, stress and intonation. Other areas of presenting will also be addressed such using visuals to support delivery, body-language, and engaging the audience.

Learners can expect a high degree of interaction with both the teacher and other learners though small-group and pair-work activities. Learners will be expected to prepare and deliver two mini-presentations during the course (which they receive individual feedback for).

Course details

Learner type/level*:  Intermediate (CEFR B1-B2); young adult/adult learners. All nationalities and learner types welcome.
Lesson length/timing:  50min/week x10 weeks (10 lessons)
Homework tasks:  Around 60min/week
Lesson size:  5-10 learners
Course start:  April 18, 2021
Lesson timing:  Every Sun 2-2:50pm Japan time (12am EST)
Lesson format:  Real-time (synchronous) online**
Total course cost: USD$100.00/student (including course materials)
Deadline for applications:  March 31, 2021

*All learners take a free 30min one-on-one lesson (& English level-check) before joining the course
**Learners need access to PC or device with a webcam & mic, and a stable internet/WIFI connection to use them. Learners also need to have Zoom (free software/app) installed

Course schedule*

   Date/time**  Topic  Skills etc.
 1  Sun April 18, 2-2:50pm  Course outline & delivery evaluation criteria  Warm-up speaking task: Presentation needs & experiences
 2  Sun April 25, 2-2:50pm  Body language & eye-contact
 3  Sun May 2, 2-2:50pm  Speed & pausing
 4  Sun May 9, 2-2:50pm  Phoneme/syllable stress problems 1
 5  Sun May 16, 2-2:50pm  Mini-presentation 1  Stress and intonation
 6  Sun May 23, 2-2:50pm  Phoneme/syllable stress problems 2
 7  Sun Mar 30, 2-2:50pm  Tips for visuals (eg. PowerPoint slides)
 8  Sun June 6, 2-2:50pm  Tips for engaging audience
 9  Sun June 13, 2-2:50pm  Mini-presentation 2  Useful phrases/language for presenters
 10  Sun June 20, 2-2:50pm  Review: Learner as teacher activity  Review

*Lesson content may change due to class/learner needs

**Lesson times are Japan time (12am EST)

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