Self-study Skills: 10 tips for English language learners

About the reader

Level 6; Early intermediate; CEFR B1; 1000 headwords

Genre(s): Original non-fiction; Self-help; Language learning

Word count: 3,133 (story only)

Target Age: Teen, Young adult, Adult

English Type: British

Protagonist: N/A

Xreading: Yes

MReader: Coming soon

Summary: Do you know what language self-study is? It means to study a language by yourself. Language learning is about building communication skills. So it’s good to study with other people. But it’s also good to do self-study. Maybe you want to do more study outside the classroom. Or maybe you cannot take language classes. Different learners will have different needs and goals. But there are some self-study tips that can help all language learners. This book will introduce some of these.

At the end of this book you can also find a key-word quiz and discussion questions.