Stranger in Japan – A story about language and culture: Book 1

About the reader

Level 4; Early intermediate; CEFR A2; 900 headwords

Genre(s): Original fiction, Human interest, Culture

Word count: 3,764 (story only)

Target Age: Teen, Young adult, Adult

English Type: British

Protagonist: Female

Xreading: Yes

MReader: Coming soon

Summary: Jen is a high school student in a small town. She is excited because she is going to Japan for her summer holidays. She will do a homestay for six weeks with a Japanese family. It is Jen’s first time to visit another country. But Japan has many surprises for Jen. Many things are new and different. Jen also has many problems. But Jen learns a lot about Japan from her homestay. She also learns a lot about herself. This is book 1 of a 3 book series.

The end of this book also includes a key vocabulary list, key vocabulary quiz, and discussion questions.