What does ‘catch up for a coffee’ mean?

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the verb “catch” in a sentence like “to catch a baseball”.  But “catch” is also used in many English idioms, especially in informal English.

Have you ever heard the expression “catch up with someone”?  It’s quite common and has a number of meanings.  One meaning is to meet a friend to share information and get up-to-date news (or maybe gossip), for example “How about we catch up sometime next week for a coffee?”.

The verb “catch” is also often used in many other idioms, so I’ve included a few more below.

catch onto become popular; widespreadThe use of use of smart phones has really caught on over the past few years.
catch the eyeto get attention; to get noticedI can’t believe I caught the eye of the baseball scout!
catch red-handedto catch a person doing something wrong/badMy little brother was caught red-handed stealing cookies from the cupboard.
catch you latera phrase used to finish an informal conversation = “see you later”A:”Anyway, catch you later”
B:”Yeah, see you soon”.

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