Improve fluency and naturalness with trinomials

Have you heard of trinomials?  They are a type of collocation and common in spoken English.
Trinomials are used in many situations from informal conversations to business English.  You can even find them in popular music lyrics.

They are made up of three words (usually nouns or adjectives) in a fixed order and usually connected by a conjunction such as “and” or “or”.  Sometimes they are made up of words that rhyme or start with the same letter making them fun to say.  Using trinomials can not only make your English more natural but also improve your fluency.  Examples of trinomials:


Binomials are even more common in spoken English. These are similar to trinomials but made up of two words in a fixed order →more on binomials


Extra tip!! Although trinomials (and binomials) are made up of a number of words it is better to remember them together as a single word to help remember the correct order and build fluency.