Recommended free listening sites

Find below a list of my seven favorite free listening websites.

Rank Site Content
1 VOA Learning English Variety of recent English news topics for learners (from around pre-intermediate level). Recommend listening/watching the news stories before reading the texts. The English in a Minute idiom videos are also fun.
2 English in Levels Have only recently discovered this site but looks really useful. Recent news stories in English at three levels for different learner abilities. Read the introductions before watching the short videos.
3 ER Central: Listening Library A wide range of listening material graded at a wide range of levels. Both fiction and non-fiction content. A good place to start for beginner/low level learners. Sound quality varies.
4 Ted Talks Every English Student Should Watch Advice on using Ted videos at home for English study including 10 suitable talks to use (various topics). Subtitles and transcripts also available.
5 Academic Earth Higher level listening where students can listen to various lectures by professors at different universities in English speaking countries such as MIT and UCLA. There is a course description, and students can choose the videos by professors, universities or subject areas.
6 TED Talks Informative talks on a very wide range of contemporary topics. For upper-intermediate to advanced-level learners. Click video bottom-right button to get transcripts in real-time.
For teachers: here’s a really useful site that allows you to create lessons around your selected TED talk:TED Education