Ten resources for improving your research presentations

Below are some links/downloads that can be useful as research presentation resources (for both teachers and students).

While the links are mostly related to doing scientific research presentations, a lot of the content can also be applied to doing more general research/academic presentations (#9-10 can be used for any type of oral presentation). 

Click on the icons to access the resources. Hope you find them useful.

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Tips for presenters

“Designing Effective Scientific Presentations: Using PowerPoint and structuring your talk” (45min video)-Dr. Susan McConnell (Stanford University)


Tips for presenters

“Giving Oral Presentations” – English Communication for Scientists, Unit 4 (free/open source ebook from Scitable)


Sample mini-presentation

2014 Three Minute Thesis Presentation winner (3min video) – Emily Johnston “Mosquito research: Saving lives with pantyhose and paperclips”


Sample mini-presentation

2017 Three Minute Thesis Presentation winner (3min video) –Frob Duguid “Effects of aerobic exercise on vascular function during sitting”


Sample full presentation

“Genetic Regulation of Grass Biomass Accumulation and Biological Conversion Quality” (27min video) – Dr. Sam Hazen (University of Massachusetts) at the 8th Annual Genomics of Energy & Environment Meeting, 2013

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Tips for presenters

“Ten Secrets to Giving a Good Scientific Talk” – Mark Schoeberl and Brian Toon (article)


Tips for presenters

“Barth’s Random Tips for Scientific Presentations” – Pimp Your Science website (informal article)


Evaluation points

Presentation evaluation criteria – Paul McAleese



Evaluation practice form – Paul McAleese


Feedback template

Presentation feedback form (editable)

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