What does ‘I’m leaving for good!’ mean?

The word ‘good’ usually has a positive meaning, for example, high quality, favorable, enjoyable, kind, or correct. But in the sentence ‘I’m leaving for good’ the phrase ‘for good’ has a different meaning. It means something happening permanently. In other words, something that will not change after it happens.

So if someone says ‘I’m leaving Japan for good’, it means they will leave Japan and not return.

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But ‘for good’ is not only used for travel. It can also be used for things like relationships. For example, if someone says ‘Sally’s leaving her boyfriend for good’, it means Sally will end the relationship with her boyfriend and not start it again. In other words, she is breaking up with her boyfriend permanently.

Have you ever done anything ‘for good’?

Extra tip:  Have you ever heard the phrase ‘I’m good to go’? It also has a different meaning to the usual meaning of ‘good’. If a person uses this phrase, it means they prepared and ready to do something. For example, ‘I’ve spent many months training for this race, so now I’m good to go’.

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