What does ‘to ghost someone’ mean?

It doesn’t mean to make them dress up as a ghost ?

It means to suddenly stop contacting someone. It means to cut all communication with someone without warning. Maybe by suddenly not texting or emailing them. Or, maybe by suddenly not calling or visiting them.

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‘To ghost’ can be used for any type of relationship, for example, a friend, a customer, or even a boyfriend or girlfriend. Because the contact suddenly stops without any explanation, it usually makes the other person feel unhappy or upset.

Here are some examples:

After going out with her a few times, she suddenly ghosted me.

After emailing me many times, the customer ghosted me.

I hate being ghosted like that because I have no idea what I did wrong.

So, have you ever ghosted anyone? Or, have you ever been ghosted by someone?

Extra tip:  ‘To ghost’ can sometimes also have other meanings. It can mean to write something for another person but so nobody knows you wrote it. For example, ‘Most of Reagan’s newspaper articles were ghosted for him.’ It can also mean to move quickly and quietly, like a ghost. For example, ‘He secretly opened the gate and ghosted across the park.’

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